Providence Black Studies Syllabus

Black Studies Workshop Series | DEI Context Training | Professional Development Programming

Who should take a PBSS workshop… and why?

  • Middle and High School Principals… wanting professional development (teacher training) and enhanced curricular foundations in Black history for their entire school.

  • Colleges and Universities… seeking to fill student gaps in African American history, theory, and engaged scholarship left by insufficient academic course work.

  • Community-Based Organizations… aiming to level-up the Critical Race Theory (CRT) analysis of their members and staff.

  • Community Members… hungry for a deeper look into the blueprint of the Black organizing tradition before the Non-profit Industrial Complex sprawled into our cities.

  • Faith Communities… who need to help their members historically contextualize the intersection of religion and racial justice.

  • Teachers and Educators… desiring to disrupt white supremacist culture in education by learning how to build a knowledge-base around critical African and African American (Diasporic) history.

  • Parents and Caregivers… searching for ideas, resources, and instructional support that advances the development of the critical thinking skills of their children around race and history.

  • Social, Art, and Environmental Justice Organizations… seeking community-facing research and scholarly advisement in the Black Radical Tradition for their culture creators, influencers, artist, organizers, and members.

Naiveté is often an excuse for those who exercise power. For those upon whom that power in exercised, naiveté is always a mistake. ~ Michel-Rolph Trouillot