"Marco is an educator in the truest sense of the word, the sense that transforms students into learners and thinkers. You can say anything in his classroom – something trivial, something wrong – and he will hear something worthwhile in it and give it back to you as knowledge. His teaching is a real act of love."

-Mika (Writer and Human Rights Advocate)

"As a colleague, teacher and mentor, Marco challenged and provoked me, ensuring that I would never teach history from a biased white perspective, and that I would always search for truth, clarity, and source material that did not belong to the oppressor. Marco is a brilliant transformative educator, truth seeker and critical historical thinker."

-Claudia (Social Justice and History Educator)

"Marco had such a valuable impact on me when I was growing up. Seeing a black man so involved and passionate about the struggles facing minorities like myself was among the few things that encouraged me to do the same."

-Luah (PBSS Alum, UND Law Student)

"Your energy is inspiring and has motivated me to learn more about the racial history of Providence and the US."

-Suvina (International Grad Student)

"Marco is devoted to his work and his culture. He has been an amazing mentor, friend and influence on me."

-Tatiana (RIC Student)

"Marco’s passion and guidance through political education shaped my experience living in Providence as a student and worker. His accessible Black Studies Walking Tour and #AssataTaughtMe: An Essential Study left me with a deep respect for the Black radical tradition and critical analysis that I carry with me always."

-Haley (Brown Student)

I have heard it said that "change is the end result of all true learning." As a colleague and friend, I've had the privilege of watching Mr. McWilliams make this quote come to life for so many. He understands that social change can only happen when individuals have a solid knowledge of the past and reverence for our ancestors. With each learning exchange, he not only challenges his students aka thought partners to do just this, but empowers them to share their own expertise. Mr. McWilliams creates a learning experience that is inspiring, informative and transformative.

-Joanne (Education Administrator)